Pro Muay Thai comes to visit

Last weekend we were visited by Kru Cha MacKenzie from Pro Muay Thai and Judo club.  With years of martial arts experience under his belt, we were looking for a bit of cross-training and hoping Cha could show us a different approach to some fundamental martial arts skills.  We covered footwork and distance control (useful in both Muay Thai and sword fencing) and prior to the seminar, Cha had looked at the Ringen of Ott Jud to see how his Judo knowledge could be translated into something that we could use within HEMA, so we spent a bit of time working on wrestling skills.

It was a really valuable couple of hours enjoyed by the entire club.  We learnt some new skills and improved on some existing ones.  Sometimes it’s really useful to put the sword down and concentrate on the principles of distance and timing without any distractions.  This is the first of a series of seminars with Cha at the end of which we’re hoping to be better and more complete martial artists.

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