The Glasgow Historical Fencing Society is a historical martial arts group based in the west end of Glasgow in central Scotland.

We attempt to reproduce martial arts that have been lost for many hundreds of years, studying them as true martial arts and not as choreography or stage combat. The focus of our class is to try and train just as the medieval or renaissance student would have done.

Our classes have included German longsword, Scottish military backsword and quarterstaff. We’re currently working on developing classes for I.33 (sword and buckler) and Messer, but our primary focus and passion will always be German longsword.


Historical Fencing is part of a wider discipline called HEMA – Historical European Martial Arts.
These martial arts originated in Europe and, over the centuries, evolved into sports (e.g. modern fencing) or died out as they became obsolete…


Recent Posts


Glasgow HEMA Longsword and Basket Hilt tournament

Last weekend, Vytas represented us at the Glasgow HEMA open tournament in both longsword and sabre/basket-hilt categories, where he narrowly missed out on a medal, placing 4th below much more experienced competitors. Congratulations to the winners and a big shout out to Chris and the Glasgow Sword Breakers, and Ben...
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Back again!

Now that we're in Level 2 we can meet outdoors for contact training.  So we're back at the farm and having a lot of fun reminding ourselves of all the stuff we love about training historical fencing.  We've started with longswords - German longsword is the backbone of our club...
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The Art of Balefire Blades

Over lockdown, we took delivery of a beautiful new coffee-table-style sword book from Balefire Blades. If you are familiar with their online presence, you will know that their custom swords come with beautiful stories designed to evoke the history and background of their design. It might seem like a non-functional...
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