The Glasgow Historical Fencing Society is a historical martial arts group based in the west end of Glasgow in central Scotland.

We attempt to reproduce martial arts that have been lost for many hundreds of years, studying them as true martial arts and not as choreography or stage combat. The focus of our class is to try and train just as the medieval or renaissance student would have done.

Our classes have included German longsword, Scottish military backsword and quarterstaff. We’re currently working on developing classes for I.33 (sword and buckler) and Messer, but our primary focus and passion will always be German longsword.


Historical Fencing is part of a wider discipline called HEMA – Historical European Martial Arts.
These martial arts originated in Europe and, over the centuries, evolved into sports (e.g. modern fencing) or died out as they became obsolete…


Recent Posts


Glasgow HEMA Open Longsword – Dmitry takes 3rd!

A massive well done to club member Dmitry who took 3rd place in today's longsword competition at the open tournament run by our friends at Glasgow HEMA. As it was only his second competition and he was up against some very experienced opponents, we're very chuffed. And a big thank...
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A Trip to TORM

Recently, Andrew took a short trip to England to attend The Original Reenactors' Market (TORM). A gathering of crafters and merchants selling historical goods and offering their unique services, where you can find everything from hand-made pottery and accessories to some of the finest armour made in the modern day....
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Glasgow Blacksmithing

As part of her quest to learn as many medieval skills as possible, Jennie visited Bear and Thistle Forge in Glasgow last weekend for some private tuition. Guided by the experience and patience of blacksmith Fraser, she managed to turn out something that looks a bit like a medieval eating...
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